Tuesday, October 25, 2016

In tribute to Steven Den Beste

I see via InstapunditNational Review, and Ace of Spades that pioneering blogger Steven Den Beste has gone to his eternal reward. I never met the man, but I remember reading his essays and being inspired by his thought. That's saying something, because he came to wide notice in the blogosphere after the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks but stopped essay-form blogging somewhere around 2004.

"Energy Scaling Problems" was certainly not his best essay, but I like this quote from it because even in two sentences, it shows how careful and how fair he was as a writer. The man had a knack for analysis:

"The biggest drawback of wind/solar is that they generate power when conditions permit them to do so, not when demand requires them to do so. And there's no practical way to store electric energy in adequate quantities to deal with this without unacceptable losses or unreasonable capital and/or operating expense."

Rest in peace, Mr. Den Beste.