Thursday, July 16, 2020

Serious questions for WRAL

Hello, news producers! I'd like to believe your station's "facts, not fear" tagline with respect to the story of the year so far. I really would. But how come I haven't heard a single anchor or reporter talking about covid-19 statistics in our state ever question Governor Cooper's medical honcho, Dr. Mandy Cohen, about methodology, or mention what I now know that doctors call "co-morbidities"? 

How many covid-19 deaths are really covid-19 deaths? Is there anyone around the property who remembers enough philosophy to ask  about the difference between "necessary" and "sufficient"? Would (or do) any of you consider the possibility that even science might be (or has been) politicized?

Not just a fine band name

"Pandemic Overreaction" has given us a multitude of reasons to believe in the law of  unintended consequences, especially in this strangest of presidential election years. Five months into panicked municipal response to the Wuhan coronavirus, and we've already seen the demise or crippling of all of the following things:
  • Public houses (aka Pubs)
  • Printed church bulletins
  • Smorgasbords
  • Self-serve soda fountains
  • Honest journalism
  • Children's theatre
  • Concert venues
  • Gymnasiums
  • Spectator sports
  • Team sports
  • Historical memory
  • Public education
  • Freedom of speech, press, and peaceable assembly
  • Free exercise of (congregational) religion
  • Bar tending
  • Martial arts studios
  • Music festivals
  • Campaign rallies
  • Air shows
  • Home and garden tours 
  • Law and order
  • Summer camps
  • Reflexive allegiance to expert opinion

Monday, July 6, 2020

Art smarts

School Teacher / Jon Havickszoon Steen (circa 1668).
Favorite comments:
"So THIS is the 1619 Project" / 
"Cupcake Mommy is late today" /
"He's about to pop that kid in the head with the Great Spoon of Knowledge" / 
"We don't need no education; we don't need no thought control." /
"No one is writing with their left hand. Where are all the sinister children?" /
"No, no! It's I before E except after C." /
"You can write a story about every character there." /