Thursday, July 16, 2020

Not just a fine band name

"Pandemic Overreaction" has given us a multitude of reasons to believe in the law of  unintended consequences, especially in this strangest of presidential election years. Five months into panicked municipal response to the Wuhan coronavirus, and we've already seen the demise or crippling of all of the following things:
  • Public houses (aka Pubs)
  • Printed church bulletins
  • Smorgasbords
  • Self-serve soda fountains
  • Honest journalism
  • Children's theatre
  • Concert venues
  • Gymnasiums
  • Spectator sports
  • Team sports
  • Historical memory
  • Public education
  • Freedom of speech, press, and peaceable assembly
  • Free exercise of (congregational) religion
  • Bar tending
  • Martial arts studios
  • Music festivals
  • Campaign rallies
  • Air shows
  • Home and garden tours 
  • Law and order
  • Summer camps
  • Reflexive allegiance to expert opinion

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