Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sometimes all you can do is laugh

Judging by letters to the editor that he spawned afterword, Los Angeles Times columnist Richard Rodriguez knows less about word usage than anyone with a platform in a major metropolitan daily should, and not much  about Christianity, either.

Trailing in the wake of a Rodriguez column that sounds like a health hazard to brain cells (replete with references to murder as a form of prayer), grandees who run the op-ed page at the LA Times have begrudgingly decided that "Not all Christians worship a homophobic God."

Would that their breathtaking ignorance were rare and special. Unfortunately, as Mollie Hemingway and others have so ably demonstrated, it's not.

Word to journalists on both coasts who wouldn't recognize a legitimate phobia if it bought them a drink at a dive bar near the newsroom: a "phobia" is an irrational fear. "Homophobia" is an almost-wholly-pretend condition synonymous with less-than enthusiastic embrace of all things homosexual.

God has no phobias. God is perfect.

It follows that there are no Christians who worship a "homophobic" God. None!

Is Theology 101 really that hard?

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