Saturday, May 9, 2020

Alas! 'Tis no more

Pandemic response claimed a great little neighborhood pub, which will not be reopening its doors after North Carolina's restaurant restrictions are lifted sometime down the road.

I had a handful of friends who worked there, all of them aces at customer service.

It was also an honor to be fondly acquainted with one of the owners and his wife, and to see a favorite local band -- the Gravy Boys -- play regularly there.

It's not every pub that attracts two generations of the same family into the ranks of its employees, or hosts monthly jam sessions for students of Irish music.

The menu was limited but savory and seasonal. Beers on tap encouraged exploration, not least because bartenders like Kim and Sean understood their clientele. There were three large TVs in the pub, but they never dominated the space, because it was a watering hole rather than a sports bar (unless Irish football was making a run at one of the European championships).

You could eat there by yourself and not feel alone, or bring a loved one and be certain that the meal and the atmosphere would be memorably good. Regulars included people of all ethnicities and walks of life.

UPDATE: Jon Sanders of the John Locke Foundation (Raleigh) will also miss this place.

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