Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Thanks, Mike

Mike "Dirty Jobs" Rowe is my generation's Eric Hoffer.

Dave Rubin got Rowe to talk about the unintended consequences of making a fetish of safety.

Mr. Rowe has also been kind to many different podcasters, including Lewis Howes.

I like the fact that Rowe says his career started at age 17, when he was failing out of high school shop classes. I also like that he has a bit of experience singing opera (!). Rowe's fascinating conversation with Howes makes me want to look up the work of bass baritone James Morris. Rowe is also familiar with Aristotle's definition of tragedy, and the problem with focus grouping everything ("you eliminate really bad ideas, and really good ones").

Words to live by: "Run toward the thing that makes you uncomfortable."

More detail: confront, get good at, then find a way to love it. Note that this is deeper than "follow your bliss." Rowe says you don't follow your bliss, or wonder what you're passionate about. The trick is to take your passion with you wherever you go -- and don't be so damn picky about what you apply it to.

"There's this narrative that goes on in the world today -- I'm generalizing -- that says if you're happy in your personal relationships, it's because you found your soul mate, and if you're happy in your professional relationship, it's because you found your dream job, and if you're happy in both, it's because you followed your passion. And I think all of that is a big steaming pile of crap."

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