Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Judge got all of it wrong

Dallas, TX hair salon owner Shelley Luther has run afoul of the law because she reopened her salon in defiance of edicts from local elected officials and Judge Eric Moye. Worse, she hurt the judge's feelings, and so was lectured in court to the effect that "you owe an apology to the elected officials who you disrespected by flagrantly ignoring, and in one case defiling, their orders you now know obviously apply to you."

Luther is now serving a week in prison.

If we knew nothing else about Judge Moye, we'd know from that statement that he's full of himself, and wants to appear smarter than he actually is. You can't "defile" a cease-and-desist order (even if you rip it up in pubic, as she did), because court orders are not sacred.

English 101, judge: "Defy" and "defile" are not the same thing.

Commenters over at the Ace of Spades blog -- like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and some other people, both famous and obscure -- quickly noted Moye's judicial arrogance. Yes, the pouncing ("conservatives pounce") devolved into a "gotcha" game, and I'm sure there are people who now bemoan the coarsening of public discourse. But -- as even the Texas AG now acknowledges -- a proper understanding of American rights and freedoms is at stake, and I especially appreciated the following reactions:

"Did the judge strap a cage with rats in it to her face first?"

"Appointed by [former TX governor] Ann Richards. Of course."

"Rosa Parks and them fellas at the lunch counter would like a word."

"It's always important in Communist Show Trials that the accused admit their 'error' and 'selfishness' and affirm the correctness and legitimacy of the state. This clown needs to be disbarred and removed from office."

UPDATE, late on May 7: A happy ending, thanks to the Texas Supreme Court

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